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166 Medium Regiment Artillery Okara Kent (166 Medium Regiment Artillery Okara Kent Jobs 2022) Pakistan Army Mess Waiter New Vacancy. Candidates must be physically fit. At least primary education and two years experience in the same field. The age limit for this position is between 18 and 35 years. Only male candidates can apply. The position is held on a permanent basis. Applications should be sent to 166 Medium Regiment Artillery, Okara Cant , Okara. Applications should be submitted by 31 December.

Introduction :

The land still rolls with the galloping horse tracks of the settlers, the hills ring with the war cries of yesterday’s brave warriors. A region that bears witness to and repeats the rich history of the past, the robbers who came in search of wealth, the Muslim conquerors who came to spread the faith in the region, the now-destroyed architectural marvels quietly tell the story of glory to the world. Say what is long. gone. The region that now includes Pakistan is full of wars, battles, disputes and various revolutionary and military efforts.

As ideological differences between Hindus and Muslims divided them into two separate states, Pakistan was created in August 1947 through the efforts of the country’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Currently the ninth most populous country in the world, Pakistan covers an area of 800,000 square kilometers and is bordered by the Arabian Sea, Iran, Afghanistan, the Soviet Union, China and India. Pakistan is a country of diverse subcultures due to major historical events and the influence of different civilizations. It is also a land of ecological diversity, from deserts to glacial ice, rich forests, fertile forests, rivers, lakes, etc. An area equipped with the best nature has to offer.

The Pakistani army presented a sad picture during its formation as it did not get its fair share of military assets, starvation and attempted subjugation.

It plays a key role and is at the forefront of all local and international peacebuilding efforts wherever there are human conflicts or natural disasters. Pakistan Army men truly embody the fighting spirit, building weapons for peace and doing justice to the strong military heritage of their forefathers. These are men who follow the traditional spirit and train themselves to the modern methods of international standards in order to set their own globally recognized standards.

These Pakistan Army soldiers are experts in the art of warfare and have honed their natural skills in various military training institutions across the country. Many of these institutions are rooted in the rich culture of the 19th century. Institutions that cultivate the aura of strong military values by imparting skills through qualified instructors trained at home and abroad skillfully extend this to future trainees.

All schools have outstanding experience and contribution to the development of a professional national army and have produced individuals with an excellent military history. These institutes are located at strategic locations conducive to the study of a particular art of warfare and are adequately equipped with modern training techniques, computer systems and capacity to accommodate foreign trainees.
Therefore, “Weapons of Peace” is an important link in the ideological chain of the Pakistan Army. It inspires its men to promote peace around the world and arms them for peace. This is reflected in their active participation wherever their efforts and services are needed to normalize the situation. The highly experienced Pakistan Army is praised for its peace efforts around the world. These are men who must experience mastery and endure perfection. The Pakistan Army remains a cohesive, reliable and disciplined professional force that provides physical and psychological security to the country.

Pakistan Army Latest Jobs 2022-23

Published on: 23rd December 2022

Area: Okara

Qualifications: Primary

Last Date: December 31, 2022

Vacancies: 01

Department: Pakistan Army Address: 166 Medium Regiment Artillery Okara Cantt, Okara

Vacant Position

  • Mess Waiter

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